Current Clubs

Please note: All afterschool clubs finish at 4pm with the exception of Football Club with Mr Maggs.

Football Rob Maggs Starts Friday 5th January 3:20 – 4:20pm
Judo   Starts Thursday 11th January 8am


Details for all other clubs Term 3 2018 will follow as soon as possible. 

Dance Umbrella

Dance UmbrellaDance umbrella was amazing. All different schools came together to create one big fantastic show. All the dances were outstanding, all age groups took part. It was an amazing opportunity and everyone who did it was very glad they did. Thanks to Mrs Cowgill, Phoebe, Marley, Daisy and Isobelle for helping choreograph the routine. And thanks for all the parents for their support, it was scary for the people who had never done it before, but we all enjoyed it. In our dance it was bright, loud, energetic and fun, we were second last to preform we enjoyed watching all the other dances, we also met some old friends along the way. We had pictures taken we had a room that was for V.I.Ps only we done the rehearsal and that went 10/10 perfection. When we got to show time some of us were quite nervous, but when we got to the middle of the dance I don’t think we were nervous anymore. We all got through the dance with no interruptions at all, then we went out onto the final bit of the Dance umbrella which the show organisers read out the names of the schools there were 70 schools, 2064 dances ect. The other schools did an amazing luckily dance umbrella isn,t a competition. It was a long wait for the show to begin so we went over to the Mcdonalds and that was our tea for that night. While children wait for their turn on stage the performers sit up the top of the auditorium which is not open to the public for watching the show. Honestly you can’t see a thing all you can see is black but you can hear the audience cheer.

By Emily Bell (Amazon Class)

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