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Term 4

This term Otters have had one excitement after the other: the unexpected snow, the build up to the Panto and the Panto itself, bedtime stories in school in our pyjamas, dressing up for World Book Day, Female Friday and then the Bulb Show!

While all of this has going on we have been busy in class too! We started off the term making our role play area into Clutton Café, learning about healthy food and where our food comes from, and counting in pennies. We have also been making up number stories with farm animals and have started writing simple number sentences to record them. This week we explored doubling with the help of Doubling Donald.

We ventured out on a welly walk (on the coldest day of the year?) to look for signs of Spring, used our digital microscope to look closely at catkins and buds and then a few days later it felt like we were back into Winter again sharing stories of fun in the snow. 

We have enjoyed learning the story of the Little Red Hen and made story boxes with our mums when they came into school for Female Friday.  We also enjoyed preparing for the Bulb Show and painting pictures of real flowers in the style of Georgia O’Keeffe. 

In class we have a new friend – Ollie the Otter. Ollie loves to see our writing whether it is in his diary when we take him home, on labels for our models, writing a café order, a list of friends or writing about our weekends. Ollie was very impressed with the handwriting he saw at the Bulb Show!

Mrs Parkes Cordock

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Term 5

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Willow Farm Visit Tuesday 17th April
What an amazing morning we had at the dairy farm! We learnt all about dairy cows, how they are milked and where the milk is stored, and even fed them. It was so exciting seeing the cows and calves so close and watching the big tractor in action. Just as we were leaving, the milk tanker arrived to collect the fresh milk from the morning's milking so we saw how the milk was pumped into the tanker from the big milk vat. We had a lovely blustery walk to and from the farm and Otter Class were extremely well behaved. Well done Otters! 
Thank you David Withers and the staff at Willow Farm

Term 4

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Reading and Writing in Otter Class

You can download the Powerpoint slides from the Reading and Writing Parent/Carer meeting 07/02/2018 here.

Further guidance to help your child with reading can be downloaded here.

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