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Return to the Copse!

Perfect autumnal weather blessed the grand trek to Clutton Copse as the entire population of children put on their wellies and headed south.

An array of stones had been collected and decorated by each pupil as they lay a permanent name marker at the base of their tree having first fully re-explored the copse to locate their growing marvel now resplendent in autumn foliage.

Our oaks, cherries, rowans, birches and aspens are doing very well; reclaimed from the bracken the week before the visit.

This was the first of four visits this year (one per season) where the children will be involved in a suite of learning activities surrounding their growing piece of green magic!

Many thanks go to all of the parents who came with us, enabling the morning to be such a success.

The Copse is now ready for business
Thanks to a team of fabulous volunteers, the bracken has now been cleared from the copse area, ready for our children to visit and plant their trees.

tree1 copse stones tree2