Governance & Accountability

The structure of governance for the Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership can be seen in the organisation chart below.

There are 11 trustees who oversee the strategic operations of the Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership. They are also responsible for holding to account the Chief Executive Officer and other key senior staff across all schools.

Beneath the Trust, there is a Local Governing Body for each school. They are responsible for holding schools accountable for matters relating to all aspects of education, finance and resources. There are very clear Terms of Refence and a Scheme of Delegation for these groups which ensures strong accountability.

The Accounting Officer for the Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership is Alun Williams and the Chair of the Trust is Tony Wells

All of the Trust Board and Local Governing Body groups are composed of parents or other local people with skills and experience in particular areas. Over the course of each academic year there are at least 6 Trust meetings and 6 LGB meetings in each school.  During these meetings all aspects relating to the functioning of schools within the Trust are scrutinised and challenged.

We are very proud of the governance structure and believe it is a strong feature of the Trust and schools within it.

Senior Trust Staff

Senior Trust Staff

Key senior staff can be viewed here.


Diversity Data

Where permissions was given data has been collected on the diversity of the local governing bodys, including age, gender and ethnicity. This data is then used to inform recruitment and training needs. 

Due to the nature of the data we do not publish this diversity data online as individual governors could be identified and we have a legal obligation to protect their personal data.