Sexual harassment and online safety

Sexual harassment and online safety

The Midsomer Norton Schools' Partnership Trust has always taken a robust approch to unwanted sexulised behaviour when it occurs in school, or outside of school time. The national movement 'Everyones Invited' has highlighted again just how much sexual harassment takes place in society. Schools in the Trust have addressed this issue once again by running assemblies to highlight to children not only what constitutes unwanted sexulaised behaviour, but also how to report any abuse. As part of our teaching of relationships and sex education we endeavour to describe for children appropriate behaviour and what would be seen as peer on peer abuse.

We are also determined to help children to stay safe online and teach them in IT and PSHE lessons in particular, how to recognise unsafe internet content. Often children are viewing inappropriate content outside of school time and we are determined to help children recognise age appropriate material.

To report online abuse that is illegal please click on the following:

National Crime Agency 

To report online abuse that is harmful click on the following:

UK Safer Internet Centre